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About SkillCity

Are you addicted to the Harvards, London Business Schools and Inseads for your learning solutions? If yes, we can offer more relevance closer to home. Why? Because being a GCC firm, we know the Asian context better.

Based in Bahrain with presence across Middle East and South and Southeast Asia, SkillCity is a new-generation learning and coaching firm, providing answers to complex leadership and workplace issues facing the Asian leaders. Whether you are an MNC with large Asian workforce or an Asian startup with ambitions to go global, we've got something for you.

Using up-to-the-minute research, we bring you the insights, perspectives, tools and intuition you need to make your managers and organisations achieve superior performance and become truly global player.

A socially responsible green firm, we are aiming to do 90% of pre-delivery business pursuit through the internet so we all use fewer amounts of paper, lesser boardroom space and fewer flights (not to mention that you can put back the time and money savings to where it belongs: your people development!).

About Wali Zahid

Wali is an international consultant, speaker, leadership trainer and executive coach. Based in Bahrain, he is CEO of SkillCity [Asian answers ... to Asian questions], a new-generation learning firm with a developing-country perspective. A native of Pakistan, he has spoken to audiences all over the world and has been delivering C-Level leadership and Train The Trainer workshops for 20 years now.

With the insight of original Western thought leaders, Wali has trained thousands of managers and business leaders from Fortune-500 companies in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Afghanistan. He is an accredited leadership trainer from Team Management Systems, Australia.

What people say about SkillCity

Tehseen Jafary Abbott

Learning is at its best when its relevant, meaningful, and the same time, fun and enjoyable. And that's exactly what the Training of Trainers 3-day workshop was for me in 2006 with Wali. A highly interactive, hands-on program, I learned a great deal, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the workshop. Wali is a wonderful coach and trainer, but most important, a kind, humble and wonderful human being, and I am sure that with his vast experience and wide range of expertise, SkillCity will soon become a raving success, Inshallah.

Muhammad Shoaib Abdullah Faculty of Management Sciences, International Islamic University, Islamabad

It has been a great experience to be Wali's MBA student at International Islamic University. His teaching is truly inspirational and full of learning. Wali gave me a new lens to explore new facets of ordinary things. He is a well-read person with some admirable people skills.