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Executive Coaching

Tired of attending training programmes? Individual Executive Coaching is at hand!

Coaching is routine in sports where individuals and teams have a coach to provide motivation, build skills and refine performance. CEOs and top business leaders too can benefit from executive coaching.

It's not a training programme; it's one-to-one coaching, usually face to face and sometimes through email, phone or Skype.

Coaching is undertaken either:

  • to enhance your points of excellence in the current or future role, or
  • address areas of improvement in performance.

SkillCity has pioneered executive coaching in Pakistan and some other Asian capitals. Since the start, SkillCity has been offering executive coaching to its CEO clients on a limited scale.

1to1 Coaching

The benefits to you include:

  • Preparing yourself for hyper growth, global ambition, top role or change in position
  • Managing stress, change, conflict or crisis

Your organisation benefits from:

  • Greater commitment from CEOs, directors and executive managers
  • Retention of key people who feel valued
  • More innovative outlook in commercial acumen, business planning and execution
  • Improved team and peer relationships

Group Coaching

At times, you may need your whole leadership or project team to aim for the sky. The group coaching helps you achieve this. All team members get a personalised attention to their individual and team issues that may help or hinder in achieving organisation's objectives.

The SkillCity coach and your team members meet both individually and as a group to highlight what needs to be achieved, by when, and through what means.

Performance Coaching

There are times when the workplace issues are not exactly to your liking. This may happen because of certain stresses in an individual's personal life, or lack of synergy within a team. Performance coaching comes handy to address these or similar performance issues when the stakes are too high.

What coaching will cost you

Our fees for 2020 are:

  • Hourly rate (for 1-2 sessions) — $449 (exclusive of any government taxes)
  • Hourly rate (for 6-7 sessions over 6 months) — $399 (exclusive of any government taxes)

A standard session is two hours' duration. Most sessions will be conducted at neutral venues like hotels/clubs. However, at client's request, we may arrange sessions at the client site. Coaching venue / hospitality is client-arranged and client-paid. Any related travel is also client-paid.

The fees are payable to 'Skill City', in advance.