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Take your Leadership Profile

Do you want to find out why some things (e.g. meeting deadlines, making decisions) are easier for you, and others (e.g. peer relationships) more challenging?

Why do you get along with some people at work well and have conflicts with others?

The Team Management Profile (TMP) may have answer for you.

The TMP is one of the world's leading feedback tools for team and leadership development in the workplace. The comprehensive 4,500-word feedback report provides work-focused information outlining an individual's work preferences, leadership strengths, decision-making style and interpersonal skills. By utilising the Profile feedback, individuals find it easier to interact with, manage and lead their colleagues at work.

Incorporating TMS profiles into your personal or team development programme will help bridge the gap between insight and action. The TMP helps translate a deeper understanding of how you and your team work into measurable results.

SkillCity's TMP programmes empower individuals and teams to recognise their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, and open the way for lasting change to maximise potential and achieve higher performance.

The TMP Questionnaire focuses on your work preferences and is completed online in approximately 20 mins. Once complete, you will receive an electronic copy of your personalised Profile, which you can save, view on-screen or print, and may include a one-to-one debrief of the results.

About Team Management Systems

Team Management Systems (TMS) is internationally recognised as the specialist in teamwork, offering a suite of work-based feedback Profiles to improve business results.

Forming an integrated suite, our Profiles can be used separately or in combination to deliver ongoing development and long-term value for your organisation.

TMS Solutions combine world-class profiling tools with an online, personalised development centre, and facilitation expertise to provide a framework that empowers individuals, teams and leaders to recognise and leverage their strengths in the workplace, and develop a roadmap for lasting change.

Wali Zahid is a fully accredited Team Management Profile practitioner and is qualified to administer and interpret the Profile for you and your team.

SkillCity is a global Network Member of TMS Worldwide for UAE and Pakistan.

Learn more about Team Management Systems.

What profiling will cost you

Each profile costs $225 (exclusive of any government taxes), payable in advance to 'Skill City'.

To find out more, download an overview of the Team Management Profile.